Thursday, 1 May 2014

Living off the land

Happy 1st of May, where is this year going? true to style May has welcomed us with a day of torrential rain and clouds :( but hey ho who gives a damn we have a three day weekend coming up! Yeeeeehaa!

We have been busy bee's down the allotment lately, planting our early potatoes, onions, peas and broad beans. We already had leeks garlic and all the fruit trees planted ready to pop with fruit.
We added two new raised beds and a new wood chip pathway between to make weeding and tending a lot easier. Ernie came down with us to help and he was into everything! But he enjoyed himself.

Hopefully this year we can at least try to be self sufficient on the vegetable side of life. I have already used a lot of my flowers that i planted in my mini cutting beds to decorate the house which has saved us money each week shopping :)

The weather just lately has been lovely and i have even managed to squeeze in a couple of lunch breaks sunbathing in Golden Square (London) staring at the blue skies imagining it's summer.

I have some exciting new ideas for my little on line shop for the coming months to try and encourage a few more sales. The wedding is fast approaching and as Tesco like to say every little helps when it comes to money, so in the spirit of things i am offering £5.00 off all purchases over £10.00 (when you enter the coupon code SPRING2014 at checkout) to try and drive a few more peeps through my imaginary on line door.

Please pop by and take a look you never know something might take your fancy :) x
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