Friday, 26 July 2013

The Isle that is Wight

On Sunday the 7th of July we packed up all our belongings, Ernie Frank and our selves and headed off with our tents and cars bulging to catch the ferry to the Isle of Wight.
It took us an amazing record breaking 6hours to get to Portsmouth (it usually takes 2) as there were diversions, and road works, we had no air con and at times we were at a standstill in a car in 30degree heat. Needless to say we tried to keep our spirits up listening to the Wimbledon final on the radio and playing eye spy. We eventually boarded the ferry a little frazzled found out Andy Murray won for England woop woop! and finally we were on holiday!

The two weeks were absolutely perfect. Every day was above 25 degrees with perfect blue skies and not a single cloud to be seen. We swam in the sea, went cockling, walked country lanes and just generally relaxed.

Ernie walked and sunbathed and even ventured in a little fold up box to the seaside, he is a well traveled tortoise by now and of course took it all in his stride.

The Isle of wight is absolutely beautiful in the summer and never fails to take my breath away. It's hard to describe. We ate and drank in many village pubs, and walked and walked until our legs were sore.

We returned on Sunday noses burnt and skin tanned to a boiling Kent and then back to work on Monday to an even hotter London!

I am glad to be back to our little house our garden and our Allotment but i miss the rolling fields the sparkling sea and the beauty of the Isle. Good Job we have booked another two weeks next year huh?

Monday, 1 July 2013

Summer sun ...

The sun and temperature have finally been something like the childhood summers i remember. Blistering heat, the sound of ice cream vans and the smell of suntan lotion.
It was a lovely weekend, quiet relaxing and full of good food and friends.
We attended a wine tasting evening on Saturday night, but it was the kind of wine tasting that didn't involve spitting out the wine! Needless to say everyone had a jolly time :)

Sunday we attended church in the morning to sort a few more bits for the wedding and then we spent the afternoon in the garden, making the most of the new swing chair that my mum and dad bought Ashley for his birthday and dreaming of a freshly laid lawn instead of dirt.

The white cat in the right corner of the garden shot is our neighbors cat Lucy, she is completely deaf but the friendliest little thing.

Our front garden is coming along nicely and the bee's absolutely love the lupins which have just come into flower. Can you believe we grew the lawn from seed (it was lawn seed from Wilkinson) we are so proud of it. It took longer to grow than if we had laid turf but was so much cheaper!

Its cloudy today in London but i don't mind that, the studio is lovely and cool :)
Happy Monday folks xx

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