Monday, 30 September 2013

Sunday Slow...

What a lovely weekend, we had a roast, walked to the allotment at dusk and harvested the carrots as the sun was setting. We watched season 2 of Game of Thrones and just generally relaxed. It was needed! Sometimes with Ash doing shifts it seems like we hardly see each other and it can be hard. I miss cuddling into him at night and waking up beside him in the mornings. When the week of night shifts ends we both breath a sigh of relief as we have another 2 weeks before it happens again.
The weather is definitely changing, the mornings are colder and there is a layer of condensation on the car windows, the nights are drawing in too, Halloween will soon be upon us. Yippee! Time to start carving those pumpkins :)

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

A custom commission..

I recently had a commission from a lovely lady named Rosie, she wanted a custom portrait of her and her loved one for a surprise birthday present. I worked from photo's that she sent me and little details such as their love of the outdoors. Now she has received it i can show you all.
Happy Tuesday, it's raining here in London how depressing!

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

As summer ends

As the summer ends my garden seems to take a deep breath and relax, all the plants seem chilled out and exhausted after the long hot days of August and July and time seems to slow.
I have turned the heating on in the evenings now and i'm wearing my dressing gown after my bath.
Nights draw in early and are dark by the time i reach my front door every night from work.

I have harvested my lavender and it hangs drying in the kitchen. the last flowers are blooming in the garden and Ernie has taken to lounging in his bed when the rains start.

Life is good, weekends are slow and i'm happy to be enjoying the first glimpses of Autumn.

Thursday, 5 September 2013

September sun..

Weather has been beautiful here in London today, it has reached 29c and believe me that is a miracle for the UK in September. We have had such an amazing summer i don't ever want it to end. I can't actually remember a summer as hot as this since i was a child. We have definitely been blessed this year.

I attended a classic car show on Sunday but sadly forgot my camera. I was beating myself up about it all day as there were some amazing mini's to be seen and it was right by the sea too! Pfff never mind i promise to remember it next year.

Thank you to all you fine people who have recently purchased goodies from my shop and a special thank you to Rosie who commissioned the below painting of her and her other half for his birthday! I really hope he likes it. (sorry about the really bad quality of the photo, the camera seems to be playing up!)

The US magazine i mentioned a while back that i managed to pop an illustration in has been printed!! I am so excited to announce that my work is now featured in the latest issue of Taproot Magazine!
My A4 page illustration accompanies a beautiful story about a mother and her children.
You can purchase a copy by clicking on the name above and the print is now available in my Etsy shop entitled "Mothers Love".

Cannot wait to hold the final printed copy in my hands though just waiting for my edition to arrive in the post.

Happy Thursday and keep those fingers crossed this weather lasts through the weekend.


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