Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Autumn changes.

We never got to celebrate autumn in our little house last year as we didn't move in until November 30th. So this year i have decided to go all out and welcome in autumn with a bit of decoration. Saturday we took a walk in our local country park and collected seed heads grasses and pine cones to decorate the mantle piece. We also managed to fill a whole carrier bag with chestnuts to roast in the week and I bought a pumpkin to carve, (excuse the pen marks! Ash very nastily burst out laughing at the pen marks when he saw it)
We cooked a roast, i wrote a letter and we hunkered down to prepare for the much awaited storm everyone had been talking about on the news. They called in Hurricane Jude and in some parts of the UK we saw record breaking winds of up to 99mph. Luckily we survived unscathed, only the neighbors fence blew down and my trains were all cancelled yesterday into work so i had a day at home which was lovely! but other than that there was nothing to report. Thank god!

The nights are drawing in and its now dark by 5pm! Winter is on her way and i can feel her icy claws creeping up on us.
Oh that reminds me i need to get our chimney swept before winter, i think we may be needing those log fires!

Thursday, 17 October 2013

Fowey fun

It's back to reality for me, Saturday i returned home from an amazing week away in the beautiful Cornish village of Fowey. (famous for its literary links to Rebecca, The Loving Spirit and Frenchman's Creek by Daphne DuMaurier and The Wind In The Willows) I spent the week in a Victorian Terrace house over looking the River with Ash, my mum and dad, sister and bro in law to be and Frank and Ernie. We walked, fished, read, and generally unwound. I ate my fill in Cornish Pasties and drank far too much Doombar (Cornish ale for those of you who don't know) it was amazing!
We also visited Boscastle which has the worlds only Witch museum, if you're in the area i highly recommend it it's amazing! The pictures above are of a mummified hand, the hair of a red headed virgin and the strange shaped things are mandrake roots said to scream when you pull them from the ground. We came away with some incense sticks and two candles said to increase creativity and calmness. I will definitely go back when i am in Cornwall again, such a strange and weird place!
It's back to reality now though with a bump :(
It is nice to return to our little home and i think Ernie likes to be back in his fluffy fleecy bed but i miss the views, the sea air and the beauty of the country side.

Oh well not long now till xmas that should keep me busy :)

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