Monday, 1 July 2013

Summer sun ...

The sun and temperature have finally been something like the childhood summers i remember. Blistering heat, the sound of ice cream vans and the smell of suntan lotion.
It was a lovely weekend, quiet relaxing and full of good food and friends.
We attended a wine tasting evening on Saturday night, but it was the kind of wine tasting that didn't involve spitting out the wine! Needless to say everyone had a jolly time :)

Sunday we attended church in the morning to sort a few more bits for the wedding and then we spent the afternoon in the garden, making the most of the new swing chair that my mum and dad bought Ashley for his birthday and dreaming of a freshly laid lawn instead of dirt.

The white cat in the right corner of the garden shot is our neighbors cat Lucy, she is completely deaf but the friendliest little thing.

Our front garden is coming along nicely and the bee's absolutely love the lupins which have just come into flower. Can you believe we grew the lawn from seed (it was lawn seed from Wilkinson) we are so proud of it. It took longer to grow than if we had laid turf but was so much cheaper!

Its cloudy today in London but i don't mind that, the studio is lovely and cool :)
Happy Monday folks xx


  1. Woah, great yard. I like those purple flowers, what's their name?

  2. I mean on that one on 5. and 6. picture. :D

    1. Hi Kath, the purple flowers are called Lupins, we planted them not knowing what colors they would come out as, and now we have a mixture of purple, pink and red ones. When you water them the water droplets turn into little balls and look like crystals on the leaves.


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