Friday, 4 April 2014

Wedding bells and seashells

Welcome April! with your promise of Spring and your tendency for rain drops. Spring is definitely in the air, the flowers are bursting into bloom in the garden and the allotment is seeing all the fruit trees froth with blossom. I love spring it's my favourite time of the year so inside i am jumping for joy at its arrival.

My little sis was married last week, in a flurry of sequins and lace she looked like a princess and the day went by in a blur of happiness and laughter. It was such a beautiful day and she looked stunning! two days later it was Mothering Sunday here in the UK so we headed for the coast as we always do when there is a hint of the sun and boarded the miniature steam railway (Romney Hythe and Dymchurch Railway) and headed to Dungeness for a model railway exhibition and to eat our fill of fish and chips. Frank came along too and had his head out of the carriage most of the way trying to get a good whiff of the sheep, he kept licking his lips imagining biting them and making us laugh.

It's nearly 5pm and it's still light! can you believe it!!! happy spring :) xxxx

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  1. Wow! The wedding photos are quite stunning. I can't believe your parents have both daughters getting married in the same year. Thanks so much for sharing your pictures. Just lovely.


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