Wednesday, 5 June 2013

1066 County...

The bank holiday weekend in May was Ashley's birthday. We packed up our belongings and wee Ernie and headed to Battle a small medieval town on the outskirts of Hastings...(the actual place where the battle of 1066 was supposed to have happened) It was a beautiful long weekend, sunny and relaxing.

We had dinner in a local pub called The Squirrell where Ash ordered the biggest Fish and chips i had ever seen!

On the Sunday we walked through the woods and discovered the most enormous rhododendrons and another little pub in Catsfield where we drank beer in the garden before heading back along the winding lanes home.

It was a beautiful weekend, and finally it seems to be looking like summer!

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  1. These photos are stunning. Not only are can you draw and paint, but what a photographer! The bluebells are lovely. Sounded like the perfect weekend getaway. We posted some fishing pictures on Facebook -- not quite as charming as your village, but we did have a lovely day trip up to Northern Arizona.


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