Monday, 20 May 2013

Ch ch ch changes

Things have changed around these parts, if you notice I have deleted all my previous posts. This is not an accident, it was deliberate and it made me feel all shaky and sweaty whilst I did it but now its done I feel truly liberated!
You see I had exceeded my 1GB storage for Google and I had decided to pay per month for some more but then I got to thinking and discovered that actually I didn't like half of my old blog posts, we have just started a new chapter in our life, new house, new member of our family (Ernie) and now we are getting married next year, well I though rather than start an entirely new blog I would revamp and de clutter this one. So I am not having a mental break down or some mid life crisis (even though I'm not middle aged yet) I am just moving forward and not looking back.

Posts and topics will of course be the same, nothing has in fact changed except this blog will start from now and I will no longer pay a fee per month to post yippee! One more penny in the purse that has been saved ;)

Hope you are all well?
Thanks for sticking by and reading for the past few years I promise to stick around for a couple more!


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