Friday, 10 January 2014

The Christmas that was....

Well the Christmas period is over and we welcome in the shiny new feeling of the New Year.
I have tidied away the decorations, the tree has been removed to a pot outside in the garden to try and revive itself and perk up a little. (it’s a live tree that should survive until next xmas fingers crossed) and the house is back to normal.
We had such a lovely Christmas, full of laughter love and lots of beautiful presents and far too much food! And the New Year was welcomed in with a bang at a friend’s house. We even managed to sneak in a mini break to Whitstable in between and spent a night in the Hotel Continental where we got engaged 5 long years ago next month!
All is back to normal now and to be honest i let out a large breath of relief. Christmas and the break is lovely but somehow it’s lovely to get back to normal, back to routine and a clear de cluttered home and i always find the New Year a great time to sort out all those loose ends. Things that need changing updating and modifying are top of my list.

Also i have a 30% off sale in my Etsy illustration shop to celebrate the New Year, just enter the code “new year” at checkout to receive the discount (available on all items above £5.00)

Wishing you all a very Happy 2014! May it be full of great things for you all.

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  1. Lovely holiday photos! Like pages out of a Home & Garden magazine. Happy New Year 2014!


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